Scuba Diving

Diving in Hawaii is very popular and thousands of people enjoy it every year. Hawaii is a perfect destination for scuba diving since the 132 islands are very remote from mainland and this created a specific marine life to this region. You can dive with the famous all over the world sea turtles, mantas, seals and even catch a rare glimpse at humpback whales and sharks.

The most popular dive spots are the Back Wall of Molokini Crater near the island of Maui, the Big Island and the new locations that are explored now are Maui's North Shore and the island of Lanai and Niihau.

Depending on your skill level you should choose a proper destination. The boat trip to new locations like Lanai has to be booked in advance so please check with local boat operators for time and availability upon arrival.

But you can add hiking, touring local restaurants, shopping plus size corsets and sightseeing to your vacation activities as well since Hawaii offer tons of those.